Ep. #087 - Real Photographers Don’t Treat 2nd Shooters Like Servants


This episode has a few rants. We put a musical bed underneath them to make them a little more palatable for people who don’t like rants… but if you don’t like angry rants then you probably quit this show a long time ago. So, we’re both a little angry this week and flying off the handle. But it’s for a good cause. We just think photographers deserve to be treated well, and one of us especially thinks that photographers need to treat other photographers well. But before we get to those rants, we gotta talk about this new post-wedding fad. It’s called Mr. Rogering. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won’t you be our neighbors?

Beer Talk:
Steve - Wild Range Brewing Company India Pale Ale
Dustin - A True American Belgian White, Blue Moon

Follow up: Dustin’s still loving that purple mattress

Preparing for another wedding season
Treating 2nd shooters like human beings who deserve respect
Don’t let your friends and in-laws who might not be in the bridal party cause they’re not that close call your vendors
The story of one photographer who lost her cool on another photographer, because… ego?

Should you give advice to another vendor on how to do their job to make your job easier?
Is it okay to sell presets even though it feels like everyone else is already selling presets?
How much money should you spend on average to bring in new bookings?

The not-so-holiday special on St. Patrick’s Day! We forget to talk about the holiday till the after show! We’re doing great over here!

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