About Steve

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This is Steve!

Steven Van Elk was 5th Grade Paddle Ball Champion at his school growing up. Currently though, he is a photographer in Noblesville, Indiana. Steve’s been capturing weddings with his wife Jenn for almost 10 years! Steve and Jenn work together at their business Jennifer Van Elk Photography. They also run a boutique editing service called Bespoke Tone aimed at helping wedding photographers free up their time by outsourcing their editing. Steve also has his own photography and videography company called Redwood Lane. Together, Steve and Jenn also make a podcast helping engaged couples get married and stay married that’s called Wedded.

It’s safe to say Steve doesn’t just do wedding photography. He is a videographer/editor who loves shooting and editing videos and he’s also a podcaster. In fact, he only transferred into wedding photography 10 years ago because he wanted to spend more time with his wife who was already doing it. But, uh oh! After he started working with her and shooting weddings, he accidentally fell in love with wedding photography and it quickly became his main area of focus. Well, it’s his main area of focus after loving his wife and two kids and figuring out how to live with them without being discovered as a robot in a human skin suit by the various governments of this world.

Likes: Spicy Food, Beer with Flavor, People Making Fun of Fort Wayne, Back Up Solutions for Photos, and Being a Host of the Best Photography Podcast in the World.

Dislikes: Moon Shoes, Ranch Steaks, Long Ties, Photos on Ladders, Flying His Drone, Instagram Collages, Metal Prints and Thumb Drives.

Aliases: A Great Indiana Man, 5th Grade Paddle Ball Champ, Sweet Steve, Stevsie, Stevie V, and Jenn’s Husband.