Ep. #020 - Wide Angle Distortion

First up we're drinking beer... Or at least Steve is. He's drinking a Necron 99 from Three Floyds. After that we jump into some follow up with an apology for not giving Dustin's weird bluetooth headphones a Kickstarter Failure spot. Then we talk about the bill the president signed into law making it so drones have to be registered even for recreational use. After that we talk about drone laws in the Dominican Republic.

Finally out of follow up, we talk about what you should do if your cloud gallery account is hacked and we briefly discuss safety measures to help protect your accounts. Then we talk about a pinhole camera lens that's being kickstarted on which, unfortunately, Dustin isn't wasting his money. Check it out here:


Then we talk about the pros and cons of moving to a studio before we head to a round of Q&A. We talk about lens calibration, brides that seem to be stringing you along, and wide angle lenses and wide angle distortion.

Then finally it's all over except for a little talk about Star Wars and Star Wars toys (but this was pre-The Last Jedi release date, so no spoilers here).

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