Ep. #025 - Fat Shaming Photographer & $10k Dick Pics

This week on the podcast, Steve's drinking a Trippel from New Belgium. First up, Steve cuts out a large segment because he gets squeamish about the use of a certain word. Which rarely happens... but well, everyone has their limits. Next up, we talk about a magazine that's charging vendors to do styled shoots in their venues, but then doesn't pay any of the vendors who help put on the styled shoot. Essentially, they've found a way to get paid to make content for their magazine, but they're not flagging it as an ad and they aren't paying anyone doing work for them. Dustin is doing the shoot. Steve is disgusted by this. I'm not going to dance around this in the show notes.

Next up, Phantom Producer Louie Novak writes in to tell us about the fat shaming photographer in Medina, OH... and he wrote in about the story before it aired on the news and went viral, because it had caused such a disturbance in his local community... but somehow we're talking about the news a whole week later after it already went viral even though we had advanced notice.

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Next up Phantom Producer Louie Novak writes in with another topic, this being the $10k dick pics being made and sold by Soraya Doolbaz. Respect. But also, gross that guys were sending her dick pics and that's how she got the inspiration to do these pro dick pics.

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Finally on to everyone's favorite segment. Questions and Answers. First up we address whether or not you should post photos of clients that aren't stick thin. Next up we talk about suggestions you can give a bride for the father-daughter dance in the event that the father of the bride has already passed away.

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