Ep. #028 - Feeding Photographers and the Crumby Boys

We skipped the basis for me doing these episodes which was to brag about the beer I'm drinking, so I'm just going to add it in here. Steve was drinking a Hop Dealer from Round Barn Brewery. Dustin wasn't drinking anything, probably not even water.

First up, follow up. Windowed.io has stopped working. Also, a follow up to last week's topic of photo contests and how they're destroying the production quality of this show by completely flooding out legitimate questions on Facebook. Then we're on to the real show... with another topic about a different photo contest destroying Twitter.

But seriously, then we talk about whether or not it's important for vendors to be fed at a wedding and what photographers should put in their contract about the subject. Then we're sliding back into the topic of social media with Steve's plea to listeners and followers to play it cool and stop liking his hashtag comments and comments where he thanks people for their nice comments. Also, it's embarrassing when people look at his first 50 photos and like all of them... so please don't do that either.

Then we do some Q&A! We only get around to two questions this time around. Topics include whether we've had issues with family members posting photos of our kids that we'd rather not be shared on social media and how much a photographer can edit a photo before they become an editor.

We wrap up with some talk about the Winter Olympics in the after show... but more importantly we're doing a special Valentine's Episode with photographer Nicole Ashley about her wedding and boudoir work, with a heavy focus on the boudoir side of things since it's a Valentine's Episode. You don't want to miss it, so make sure you come back on February 14 to check that out.

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