Ep. #033 - A Day Late and a Pot of Gold Short (St. Patrick's Day Special)

Here's a St. Patrick's Day episode that we intentionally released the day after St. Patrick's Day. Also, Dustin sent me photos of a Scottish wedding to use for the cover art, because I'm not certain he understands what St. Patrick's Day is... Anyway, in this episode Steve is drinking a Guinness, a Lagunitas Night Time, and a Heavy Seas The Alpha Effect (don't worry, he's just drinking like a half glass of each). Dustin's on that Bailey's Irish Cream.

Topics include Irish Wedding traditions and ideas for a St. Patrick's Day themed wedding. Questions include, how do you brighten up just one thing in a photo, should you give family members a discount if you shoot their weddings, what should you wear to a wedding on St. Patrick's Day and how much would it cost to get N'SYNC to play at your wedding. That last one's not really a St. Patrick's Day themed question... but there was an answer that involved leprechauns, so we included it.

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