Ep. #037 - Wedding Photo Faux Pas

It's Dustin's Birthday! Well, not today, but on the day we were recording. He's another year older, but none the wiser, hence still making this podcast! Tonight Steve's drinking some Espresso Whiskey from XXX Distillery which he picked up on his vacation... but don't worry, he cut out the 15 minute talk about Dustin's Birthday and his vacation from this episode. Anyway, today we're talking about Style Me Pretty shutting down. Then after the 30 seconds we could spare for that, we go through an article on Brides.com about 9 wedding photos mistakes. We break down every single one and talk about how we deal with those situations and whether or not we think they're actually mistakes. You can follow along at the following link:


Then it's finally on to some Q&A! We only get through two questions tonight. They are, have you ever refused to contract with a bride if they won't allow time for photos prior to the ceremony and is it possible to convert Lightroom presets into Photoshop actions when you have Photoshop CC but don't own Lightroom?

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