Ep. #054 - Should You Photoshop a CZ off An Engagement Ring?

a woman in a white wedding dress is framed by an arch in a magnificent building with warm tungsten tones

We’re shooting a wedding together!

Beer Talk: Steve's drinking a Flat 12 Pogue’s Run Porter


Diamond Ethics - CZ. Dustin shot an engagement ring with a macro lens and saw etched into the "diamond" a CZ. Should he tell the bride? Should he tell the bride's parents? Should he tell the groom? What should he do?

Do we attend rehearsal dinners? Dustin avoids this question and then talks about a rehearsal dinner he has decided to attend without ever giving a definitive response on this.

Steadify jock strap for your camera on Kickstarter. It's really dumb looking. Dustin has not bought it, surprisingly.


Steve shot a wedding a long time ago with a second shooter that only delivered 500 photos after a full day of coverage. That seems very low. So we talk about how many photos should a second shooter deliver? Should they cull their photos? Should they ever delete photos off a camera during a shoot?

Sexism in photography on the tech side. Apparently some men think young women just don't have the tech gene in their DNA.


Has anyone tried adding a Photo Booth? What about Giffy? Does having a photo booth mean staying later at the wedding?

How do you structure pricing for associate photographer weddings vs. normal pricing? How do you sell that lower price without making it sound like they're getting a lesser experience?

What should I buy with $600 for my travel photography? What's the best gear to buy for travel photography bearing in mind that there's a budget of $600?

Fake Diamond Ring with CZ etched into stone for Cubic Zirconia

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