Ep. #055 - How Many Wedding Photographers is too Many?

blonde bride and groom kiss in yellow room at embassy theater

Season 2 of WPH kicks off with a bang! We're talking about what's new. We're talking about what we're getting rid of in this season. There could be a murder! There could be a wedding... Well, there will probably be lots of weddings.

Follow Up:

Dustin talks about the resolution to his copyright infringement issue. Dustin reveals the decision he made about whether or not to photoshop the CZ off the ring. We apologize for putting out an episode where Dustin teased an amazing instastory... two days after the instastory was actually shot and made live on Instagram and one full day after it disappeared from our instagram instastory.

Alcohol Talk:

Steve's drinking a Redvolution from Bota Box. We're classing things up this season. It's all boxed wine instead of beer... or at least it is for this episode's goof.


We shot a wedding together! We talk about the awesome Fort Wayne wedding community (Steve's words). We talk about how many wedding photographers and videographers is too many to have at a shoot. Dustin had six total at this most recent shoot. We answer a question that Dustin's intern asked at the wedding. The question being whether or not she should go back to college or just start shooting photography professionally and start her business up. Then we discuss phone etiquette. Dustin talks about the appropriate way to place a phone call to a potential vendor while Steve just goes on a fiery rant about people that talk phone calls in cars and public places when there are other people present trying to have a conversation. Next up we talk about the Nikon mirrorless camera rumors.

Here are links to the Nikon mirrorless rumors:




Do you use polarized filters? When we're shooting outside in daylight at a wedding? How do you keep track of poses?

Here's that drone footage that Dustin spent half the episode complaining about:

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