Ep. #063 - Should You Cede Portrait Time to Other Vendors?

bride and groom at sunset at indianapolis center for the arts

Dustin's got that Margarita Glow because his family is in town for a wedding.

Follow Up:
Ceding Portrait Time - Should you allow other vendors to take up your portrait time?
Will Judge Dustin return?

Beer Talk:
Dustin can't drink anymore.
Steve's drinking a Sierra Nevada Single Hop El Dorado Session IPA (that's a mouthful)

Flip Flop Family Photos. Someone made some interesting clothing choices for a family photo session.
5 years later - brides still waiting for wedding pictures five years after their wedding.
Wedding Vendor Entitlement - piggybacking off of the Secret Life of Weddings episode all about this, we talk about when and why you should give photos to vendors and whether or not it's okay for people to expect or demand photos after a wedding.

Should I use a backpack or a roller bag?
What F Stop should I shoot at?
Is f/5.6 wide open enough or should I go wider?

Secret Life of Weddings Podcast Episode #65 and their follow up Petapixel article.

Dan Alan's song Acid Odyssey:

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