Ep. #065 - Cell Phone Photos of an Unedited Lightroom Catalogue with Joe Fischer of Greetabl

cell phone photo of a photo being edited in lightroom

Follow Up:
Dustin and Corynn, wedding planners/coordinators.
Dustin's Left Eye, it ain't ever open
Crediting our Phantom Producer
The story of a wedding photographer who didn't get their wedding photos

Beer Talk:
Dustin - Clear Liquid
Steven - Night Owl Pumpkin Ale from Elysian

Dustin's mad.
Realtor Woes
Cell phone photos of an unedited Lightroom catalogue

Special Guest Interview:
Joe Fischer of Greetabl

A venue stole my photos and posted on their instagram without crediting me, even after I messaged them about it. What should I do?
Has anyone heard of venues banning vendors, specifically videographers and/or photographers, from the ceremony so that they can capture it themselves and offer that as an upscale to their prospective clients?

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