Ep. #069 - Photographers Under Fire

a bride and groom sit in the middle of a row of books in a library staring at each other

Dustin thinks we just became national wedding photographers.

Beer Talk:
Steve - Scarlet Lane Dorian Stout
Dustin - Apple Cider with Crown Royal

Adobe Bug Deletes $250,000 Worth of Video Clips.
Should you put a gun in a baby photo? Should you replicate a very bad movie in a photo? Which is the bigger issue?
The Nazi photographer in Wisconsin.
That sweet Night Sight on the Google Pixel.

Follow Up:
Everyone loves discussions about culling

What should you do if a couple wants to book with you during the initial meeting, but you don't want to book the couple?
What's the best aperture setting for a wedding group of 8?

Post Show:
Augmented Reality at the Apple Visitor Center
Dustin shares a random story about a friend

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