Ep. #083 - A Big Week for Gear Talk: Canon EOS RP, Nikon Eye AF, Fujifilm X-T30


This week we’re diving deep into a bunch of news stories! Yeah! We’re talking about the Canon EOS RP, the Fujifilm X-T30Nikon adding that eye autofocus to their cameras via a firmware update, the new no fly zones from DJI, the Cracker Barrel Wedding Couple, the Aquaman and Mera themed wedding, and the Better in Miniature pre-wedding photographer.

That’s a lot of links.

Beer Talk:
Dustin is drinking a latte from Starbucks.
Steve is chock-a-block full of DayQuil and decaffeinated green tea.

What sort of digital system for contract signatures do you use?
How many photos is too many for a sneak peak?

Stick through to the bitter end if you want to move onward and upward. 😃 

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