Ep. #015 - Fluffy, Beautiful, And Long-Eared

On the podcast this week, Dustin's back on that vodka that he claims is just water. Meanwhile, Steve's drinking another great Indiana beer for a great Indiana man, a Zombie Dust from 3 Floyds.

After that Steve introduces a new segment, Follow Up (trademark John Siracusa). First up we revisit Dustin's negative Facebook reviews and Steve posits a new theory (which several listeners also wrote in to suggest, but they did it after he wrote it in the show notes, so no credit given). Then Steve revisits Windowed.io to nitpick one more thing he forgot to complain about the week before. After that we talk about the cheek-touch hug thing again and Steve shares his startling revelation. Then Steve pokes the bear by asking Dustin about his crappy website host and Dustin claps right back. Finally we put the ghost photo challenge to the listeners... Does anyone care? Seriously though, write us at


if you do.

Then we're finally into the meat and potatoes of this podcast. Dustin tries to further defend his horrible decision to only write to one card. We answer a question about whether or not we've been situations where we felt we shouldn't take photos. Then Steve's daughter wakes up, and we cut the episode short after Dustin talks about another thing he bought that ended in failure. This one is called the Sun Shade. No after show this time, which means Steve still can't talk to anyone about Stranger Things.

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