Ep. #051 - What Should You Do When Someone Violates Your Copyright?

A Man Stands on Top of a Building at Night holding his phone out to provide a light source on his face

We start talking about the joy of having a week off and going on vacation, then do some follow up on some of the kickstarter stuff Dustin has "bought." Steve's drinking an Olga from Scarlet Lane while Dustin's drinking a Michelob Ultra Lime and Cactus.

Then it's on to the main topics. Dustin finds out someone violated his copyright. We talk about watermarks and what to do if someone crops your watermark out of a photo. Then we talk about our night before a wedding rituals.

Finally it's on to Q&A! We do three questions. Why do clients try to take advantage of you and ask for more time without wanting to pay? What should you do if a client posts they're splitting up before you deliver the photos? What's in your camera bag?

Do you want to see that stolen photo? Here's Dustin's photo that was stolen by a roofing company and used in an ad in a magazine.

An ugly house that isn't symmetrical at all is photographed from above with a drone

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