Ep. #052 - What's the Going Rate for Second Shooters?

the sun is setting behind a couple on a bridge in indianapolis and the couple is positioned so the sun is in between them and there is a flare

We made the switch from SoundCloud to Anchor. So, if you’ve been a loyal Soundcloud listener that’s a little bad news. Next up Dustin updates people on the stolen photo situation with real talk about what his lawyer is asking for from the culprit. Then we’re talking beer. Steve’s on that Scarlet Lane Dorian Stout. Dustin is drinking water, which he refers to as dihydrogen oxide. He’s probably going to die soon if he’s drinking that.

Then it’s on to topics. We start with a few downers. Sorry everyone. Photographers/videographers in Charlottesville turned down a same sex wedding because it compromised their beliefs. A wedding venue in Indy turned down a drag queen who wanted to make a music video in their space. They gave the excuse that they employ minors. Next up we finally get to have some fun. Maria Del Toro sent us a post she found in a facebook group. A photographer was complaining that the lead photographer who wanted to hire her to second was requesting all of her raw photos. Dustin and I discuss expectations when working with second shooters and what they’re allowed to do with photos afterward.

Then Dustin forces me to talk about gear. First up we talk about the Sony smartphone camera sensor. Next up we talk about the rumored Canon full frame mirrorless camera and the announced Nikon full frame mirrorless camera. Dustin’s already halfway through a switch from Nikon to Sony though.

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Finally we do some Q&A! Questions this week: How do you tell a photographer their editing doesn’t look good? How much do you pay a second shooter? Does anyone offer an 8 hour wedding video when they were only hired to shoot for 8 hours, or is that crazy?

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