Ep. #057 - How Do You Handle Difficult Clients?

a young bride in white and a groom kiss in front of blue and purple smoke from smoke bombs

Follow Up:

Did Dustin get his Mavic 2 Pro yet? If not, what happened to it?

We're back on those Cole Haans again, because they've put out a new shoe that doesn't look like a moonshoe... and Dustin bought a pair.

Everyone loves Dustin's smokebomb shot (pictured above), including Steve (surprisingly).

Beer Talk:

Steve's drinking a Bell's Two Hearted. One of the best beers from the midwest that's readily available pretty much all over the US (at least every liquor store he's been inside).

Dustin's drinking white wine from a local winery in the Fort Wayne area called Two EEs.


How do we handle edit requests? Is it weird to pay someone in advance of their service on the wedding day? Your Instagram might be hacked. Stop turning your greens into browns in Lightroom. It looks like crap. There's a 150 megapixel medium format camera that was released. Canon's releasing two new mirrorless cameras this week that'll be full frame. Nikon apologizes because they can't keep up with demand for the Nikon Z7.

What helped you learn video? What are your methods for backing up data? How do you handle difficult clients?

Then there's some after show talk about Dustin's upcoming weddings and stuff. Fox safety issues and animal cruelty. Plus, Dustin says something crazy about Steve.

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