Ep. #058 - Canon EOS R, Fuji XT-3, and Mavic 2 Pro Failure

bride and groom dancing during first dance at biltwell event center with beautiful drapes

Follow Up:
Phantom Producer Louie Novak updates us on the case of the fat shaming photographer.
The company Dustin uses to help him with his SEO is falling to pieces all around him. He was contacted by a former employee. It's bad.
Dustin's Mavic 2 Pro has arrived and he can finally update us on what it's like to fly that beautiful baby.

Beer Talk:
Steve's drinking a Zombie Dust from Three Floyds in Munster, IN

This week we're talking about the Canon EOS R, the new Canon R-mount lenses, and the Fuji XT-3. It's a gear heavy week and Steve hates it. We also talk about a videographer who asked a photographer for over 400 photos to help complete their wedding video.

What's the bare minimum gear for getting into wedding videography? What can I use to help with follow focus for videos? Can I ask a photog's client if I can shoot a wedding video for them? How do you get info from brides? Do you make a timeline?

That's all from Grand Master DJ D-Mac Attack and Dr. Oll SteVan this week.

If you want to read more about that Canon EOS R, here are the two articles Steve talked about in the episode:

Rumor: Canon has Two Full Frame Cameras in the Works

Canon Unveils the EOS R

If Steve forgot to add some links that Dustin said he would add, then send us an email... because Steve vaguely remembers Dustin saying something like that but unfortunately can't remember what it was about.

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