Ep. 122 - Should You Deliver Proposal Photos if She Said No?

Photo by Morgan Roberts of  Morgan Roberts Photography .

Photo by Morgan Roberts of Morgan Roberts Photography.

The mayoral campaign is over. The DJI Mavic Mini is out. Dustin's learning how to circumvent no fly zones with his drone, legally. Steve's doing corporate shoots and having Buscemi problems. We also talk Google Photos limits and the retouching features that Google consulted with wedding photographers on to get just right. Steve talks about his experience playing around with Fujifilm cameras at a Drink and Click meetup.

Beer Talk:
Dustin - Pumking by Southern Tier Brewing Company
Steve - Black by Centerpoint Brewing Company and Novemberfest and Troll Storm by Sun King Brewery

If the answer to a proposal session was no, do you still deliver the photos?
What do you do if you go to the wrong church? How do you keep that from happening in the future?
How do you organize your collections in Lightroom?

Google consulted wedding photographers while developing facial retouching software for the Pixel 4 on the Verge.
The episode of Reconcilable Differences where John Siracusa and Merlin Mann solved Steve's Google Drive problem while talking about Google Photos.

Episode art provided by Morgan Roberts of Morgan Roberts Photography.

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