Ep. #121 - How To Deal With Clients Editing Your Photos

Photo by Kenzie Rae McMullen of  Kenzie Rae Photography .

Photo by Kenzie Rae McMullen of Kenzie Rae Photography.

Dustin tells a story about a photographer that was telling lies about him. Steve basically asks Dustin, "You mad bro?" Then we talk about the Canon 1Dx Mark III, the Canon Ra, and the possible Canon Rx. Also, Canon's going to make mirrorless cameras even smaller, according to a new patent. Then we're talking about Clickbait and making up our own clickbait headlines that are even better. Finally we talk about the new Mavic Mini that's coming out... but we were talking about it the day before the news was released when some company accidentally leaked the marketing materials.

Beer Talk:
Dustin - Nothing
Steven - Tiberius from Scarlet Lane Brewing Company

Anyone else make instant prints on the day of the wedding?
What would you do if someone put up a bad edit of one of your photos?
Any sugar daddies or sugar mommies out there wanna buy a photographer some gear?

Article links:
That new, new Canon 1Dx Mark III.
The mirrorless astronomy photographer's new friend, the Canon Ra.
Canon's patent for making even smaller cameras.
The article about the leaked DJI Mavic Mini release that was already released, so you probably already know about it.

Clickbaiter link:

Episode art from Kenzie Rae McMullen of Kenzie Rae Photography.

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