Ep. #085 - Should You Give a Deal to a Couple who Claim Their Photographer Dropped Out?


This week it’s all about marketing yourself and what kind of bull crap you’d put up with to book a potential client. Let’s face it, not every client is a dream. But to start, Steve shares with us the tastiest of treats he had while Dustin ignores it and pretends like it doesn't exist. Then we have some follow up on our mattress talk, specifically about the purple mattress. Dustin also talks about some GoDaddy Photography thing but forgets why it was relevant to the episode till later..

Beer Talk:
Steve - New Belgium Blue Paddle (it's not good)
Dustin - Refusing to drink the Angry Orchard he's left open on his desk for a whole week.

Photographers selling themselves with screenshots of iMessages that have been hand written on in some weird app
Should you give a deal to someone whose photographer backed out on them? One guy in a facebook group thinks lying about your photographer backing out is a legitimate tactic for getting a good deal.
Canikon lens adapter from Kipon. The worlds first adapter that lets you use Canon glass on a Nikon body and use that Nikon autofocus... but why would you want to do that?
Kodakit from Kodak! the Uber for photography that'll make every professional photographer want to run away screaming. And now Dustin remembers why he brought up the GoDaddy photography thing.

What new gear are you planning to pick up this year?
What are the upcoming pretty dates for weddings?
How annoying is it to have a couple you're certain is booking with you ghost you for days and then just drop in to say they've booked someone else?

The Phallic Flatlay.

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