Ep. #086 - Is It Okay to Use Your Client's Breakup to Try to Go Viral?


This week Dustin and Steve experienced a lot of weird energy… So they’re trying to combat it in their durndest by putting out the most gosh gilly wash innocent and fun podcast you’ve heard! They received a strange recommendation on a photo educator’s website. The recommendation seemed to be more concerned with throwing shade at other photography podcasts without mentioning what those podcasts were… It was weird, but we’re still glad to have been on that list of recommended podcasts! Someone put Dustin on a Republican email list and that listener has made Steve the happiest boy alive.

Beer Talk:
Dustin isn't drinking...
Steve's drinking a Coastbuster from Upland Brewing Company

Follow Up:
Purple Mattress… Dustin’s finally slept on it

Orgasms of the Heart - Follow your passion
Reasons why Anete Lusina doesn’t like the concept of trying to get clients.
Customer service and what not to say to someone who keeps saying they don’t want to hire you
The Cringey Facebook Post about a Couple that got Divorced and the one photographer who inserted herself into their breakup

How do you handle clients wanting to add more time on to their wedding day?
How does an associate togger get paid by the person that contracted them?

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