Ep. #098 - How Do You Take Photos Your Clients Will Use in Their Profiles?

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This week we're talking about the death of the Canon 7D, why some people are afraid to try new types of photography (specifically wedding photography), and how Sony just pushed Nikon out of the number two spot for camera sales in the US. We also have the harrowing tale of one man getting bitten by a devilish fiend, updates on Dustin's time in politics, and a little talk about Aston Villa making it back to the Premier League! We know you all love when we talk about football/soccer.

Beer Talk:
Dustin - La Maison from Taxman Brewing Co.
Steven - Deduction from Taxman Brewing Co.

How do you shoot photos that your clients will use in their social media profiles?
Should you agree to photograph something illegal, like clients smoking weed in a state where it isn't legal to smoke weed recreationally?
How important is the quality of your car?

Death of the 7D on PetaPixel.
Why Someone Who Is Afraid to Shoot Weddings Won't Take a Chance on Weddings on PetaPixel.
Sony pushes Nikon out of the #2 Spot on PetaPixel.

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