Ep. #007 - The Chipotle Queso Faux-Hangover Cure

In this episode Steve and Dustin talk about the new queso at Chipotle which Dustin thought might be a hangover cure. It wasn't. They have a lot of thoughts about queso though. Tonight Steve's drinking Founders Porter which he mistakenly calls Dark, Rich, and Sexy... Which while an apt description of the beer, so apt it's on the label, apparently it isn't the actual name of the beer. Steve also brags a little more about that Scarlet Lane Eirik Bloodaxe he has but isn't drinking yet. Dustin is drinking A Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale from Lagunitas. Then it's on to business as usual. Steve complains about people complaining on social media about their Apple computers and products just to get those sweet, sweet interactions. Dustin talks about how to handle shooting multiple locations when you're traveling and unfamiliar with the area. Steve pitches an idea to Dustin for a Super Mario Bros. themed stylized shoot that's captured entirely by drones so that the bride and groom can lay down and look 2D the whole time. Steve talks about the importance of shooting with your flash in manual mode as opposed to TTL... because he got mad about another thing he read on social media, per usual. Then Steve tells Dustin about Yongnuo gear and why he prefers their transmitters/receivers to Pocket Wizards. Dustin recaps some of his Kickstarter failures and tries to sell Steve on the concept of the Loop again. Then Dustin talks about a Kickstarter product that, hold on to your pants, actually shipped! He's talking about the brain melter itself, Zungle. Then Steve's daughter wakes up and they cut the episode short.

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