Ep. #008 - The Instagram Honey Pot Eggplant Emoji Situation

In this episode there's some more cheese talk. Dustin has a Colby-jack wedding couple. Then we're back to the beer. Dustin's drinking a Harvest Hefe from Samuel Adams, while Steve is drinking another great Indiana beer for a great Indiana man, like Steve. This week he finally cracked open an Eirik Bloodaxe from Scarlet Lane. Then Steve and Dustin talk about shooting while sick. Steve gives Dustin a primer on what his wife and him call "traditional coverage" for the wedding day. Dustin briefly tells the heartbreaking story of what happened to one of his lenses this past weekend. Then we revisit a topic from previous weeks, off-camera flash and triggers. Dustin briefly talks about what brand he ditched Pocket Wizard to use and then Dustin and Steve share their thoughts about the new Profoto A1 Speed Lights. Hot light bling. Then it's on to Steve explaining the term honey dick to Dustin, and asking him why he would use that on the official Instagram account. After that Steve and Dustin briefly talk about firesafes. Steve gets asked to join the Illuminati on Instagram. Steve gives Dustin a brief explanation of what's changed in the Instagram Explore tab.

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